Preparing Grounds : : Portals and Portability

Indigo Yard Gals join members of the

Duke African Repertory Ensemble

April 12-23, 2021

In-person viewing open to Duke students, faculty, and staff, following SymMon protocols

Mon – Fri : : 12 – 6pm

Sat – Sun : :  1 – 6pm

After hours… exterior, street view from Campus Drive 

Window shades raised every evening  : :  6 – 10pm

Murthy Agora Commons, Studio 129

Rubenstein Arts Center : : 2020 Campus Drive : : Durham NC 27705

The lynching of Black bodies was a ritual gathering… trees as witnesses of these acts of terror… in several African diaspora spiritual traditions, “practitioners recognize forests, rivers, and oceans as natural resources embodying spiritual subjects” (Concha-Holmes, 2012)…what might we imagine as held memories by these spiritual subjects? how do we create points of access, or portals to engage in acts of remembrance and recovery? we are preparing grounds to reclaim, re-consecrate, re-articulate, restore, remember and reimagine liminal spaces as accesses to restoration… points of contact between the world of what is seen and unseen realms.

Duke Dance Program Spring Dance Series

: : Ava LaVonne Vinesett : : Jessica Almy-Pagán : :


Video and photography by Caroline Almy

Video editing and photography by Jessica Almy-Pagán

Video by Domingo B. Vinesett

Installation design by Jessica Almy-Pagán and Ava LaVonne Vinesett

Choreography for Duke African Repertory Ensemble by Ava LaVonne Vinesett and dancers

Choreography for Indigo Yard Gals by Ava LaVonne Vinesett

Dancers: CC Croxton, Bonita Joyce, Amoké Ocean, Ife M. Presswood, Ashley Rea, Tria Smothers, Oesa SaVionne Vinesett, Namajala Naomi Washington, Adrianna Williams

Music by Omar Sosa

Candomblé rhythms performed by: Beverly Botsford, Domingo B. Vinesett, Richard J. Vinesett (musical director)

Sound engineering by: Erik Koehler and John Hanks

Readings from Sherese Francis’ Lucy’s Bone Scrolls: The Black Speculative Mystery School – CC Croxton, Yemarishet Macharia, Amoké Ocean, Ife Presswood, Ashley Rea, Adrianna Williams

Costumes by Ava LaVonne Vinesett

With deep gratitude to Scott Price and Omar Sosa Management for their generous support.   

Thank you to Sherese Francis for reminding us to ask “What if?”

Duke Dance Program colleagues and staff with a special thank you to John Hanks

Thank you to gina Breedlove, our medicine woman who continues to hold space and reminds us “to be intentional about bearing witness”.

Thank you to Kati Henderson, Bill Le Fevre, Orla Swift and the staff of the Sarah P. Duke Gardens for their assistance and accommodations.   

The Ruby staff is AMAZING!

John Kolba

Marcy Edenfield

Ali Shumar

Erik Koehler

Christopher Scully-Thurston

Scott Silver

Duke Dance Program 

John Hanks

Margot Lakin

Lee Edwards

Avery Lythcott-Haims

Sophia Jeffery

Friends of IYG support

Sidy Touré

Sherone Price

Braima Moiwai

Noni Davis

Cici Stevens

To the lives in the unseen realms, this is an act of remembrance, this is our medicine, this is our journey. 

Copyright 2021