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April 12-23, 2021

Indigo Yard Gals join members of the Duke African Repertory Ensemble

Rubenstein Arts Center :: Studio 129


indigo yard gals

a creative collective, referencing indigo because of its historical and contemporary complexity as a medicine and powerful dye, along with its magical characteristic of transformation.

While the co-founders share Caribbean roots, yard gals is a tilt to one of the founder’s West Indian lineage where “yard” indicates home, the intentionality of created space, and one’s relationship to the natural environment.

Image from the second public gathering of Indigo Yard Gals, Go-to-Water, in Durham, NC. This 2017 collaborative production was presented at Few’s Ford Access, Eno River State Park, with a specific focus on acknowledging choreographer Baba Chuck Davis and Eno River midwife Fannie Breeze, two local pioneers and champions of traditional knowledge systems.

Photo: Alec Himwich

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